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Chester Beatty


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A choice of Chester Beatty publication or a set of cards

The Chester Beatty is the work and culmination of a private collector, Sir Alfred Chester Beatty. It’s a diverse collection of historic artefacts, brought together in the mid-1900s, dating back to 2700BC to the present day. The priceless artefacts come from across the globe including Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe into a fascinating assortment of cultural progression.


  • Egyptian papyrus texts
  • Illuminated copies of the Qur'an and the Bible
  • European Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts

Did you know

- The Chester Beatty is one of the finest collections of manuscripts and books from a private 20th century collector

- The collection is the only museum in Ireland to have won 'European Museum of the Year'

- Sir Alfred Chester Beatty was originally a mining magnate and millionaire, nicknamed the ‘King of Copper’

Things to see:

Islamic Collection
Arguably one of the finest collections of its kind in the world, the Islamic manuscripts in this museum date from the eighth century to the early 20th century. The historic artefacts mainly come from Iran, Turkey and India and make up some of the highest quality and best preserved in the world, detailing the Islamic Qu’ran, calligraphy, illumination and miniature painting. The collection is divided into five subsections where visitors can delve deeper into the rich culture of the Islamic world.

Western Collection
This fascinating exhibition contains Ancient Egyptian papyri, manuscripts and rolls dating back to Pharaohic, Greco-Roman and Coptic Egypt. The collection also documents the history of book making and how manuscripts have evolved over time, looking at Byzantine, Slavonic and Ethyopian examples, among others. It also displays an exquisite collection of 35,000 Europen prints and drawings dating to the 18th and 19th century.

East Asian Collection
Learn about the East Asian cultures of China, Japan and Mongolia through Chester Beatty’s diverse assortment of manuscripts, art and prints. The Japanese picture-books are of particular noteworthiness, made even more valuable now because of their increased popularity and study.

Free public tours are available on Wednesdays at 1pm and on Sundays at 3pm and 4pm.

How to get there:

    Bus: 13, 27, 40, 77a, 123, 150
    LUAS: Green Line to St. Stephen's Green and Red Line to Jervis.
    On Foot: 8-10 mins walk from Trinity College

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